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Synthetic R&D Engineer

【Job Responsibilities】 1. Carry out literature inquiry, design and development of synthetic route for newly approved varieties, and complete small test, small test scale-up and pilot test process research; 2. Optimize the production process of existing varieties;   【job requirements】 1. Bachelor degree or above in chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering and other related majors, proficient in consulting Chinese and English related literature, solid professional knowledge foundation, and strong hands-on ability; 2. More than three years of synthetic R&D experience; 3. The work is organized, dedicated and responsible.

Synthetic R&D Project Manager

【Job Responsibilities】 1. Responsible for the technical analysis in the early stage of the synthetic R&D project and the establishment of the R&D project; 2. Carry out research and development work with team members according to the project promotion plan.   【job requirements】 1. Bachelor degree or above in chemical engineering, material chemistry and other related majors; 2. 3 years and above experience in organic synthesis; 3. Serious and active work, positive attitude, strong sense of responsibility, good at communication; able to bear hardships and stand hard work, can withstand greater work pressure, and have good team spirit and coordination

Senior Researcher/Technical Director (Pharmacology)

【工作职责】 1. Pharmacological literature review, data analysis; drug screening and related basic research; intellectual property layout 2. Pharmacological literature review and data analysis of cosmetic functional raw materials; screening of functional active substances and related basic research; layout of intellectual property rights; 3. Responsible for patent application of new products, government project application, and transformation of R&D achievements; 4. Responsible for the training and management of echelon talents in the department, and establish efficient R&D systems and processes.   【job requirements】 1. Doctoral degree, major in pharmacy, medicine or biology; 2. Possess excellent leadership skills, keen insight into market changes,